About Saturn Holdings

Saturn Holdings is a is a specialized, professional organization that provides a full range of investment advisory and investment management services to institutional and individual investors in developed real estate. Profitable and safe investing in real estate requires a depth and breadth of industry knowledge, skills and experience that are not always resident in entities or individuals desiring the diversification, income, capital appreciation and tax sheltering opportunities adding real estate investment to the asset mix of their portfolio can offer. We focus on developed real estate, commercial buildings and housing (multi family and single family). We pride ourselves in the sophisticated way we balance our asset classes and management skills to maximize our returns for out members.

Our members are a mix of passive and active investors in real property. For our passive investors, we acquire and manage real property according to our strict investment criteria. For our members who are active investors, we provide many services to assist them in acquiring, rehabilitating, managing, and liquidating properties according to their current investment needs.

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